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We run a team of experts.

Solar Flow is more than just your neighborhood supplier of solar water heaters Malaysia. We are a team of professionals, with solar water heating systems as our forte. When you come to us, expect no less than stellar service. Our goal is to bring you the best solar water heating systems according to your needs.

Our brands speak for themselves.

The brands we carry speak of the same excellent service we uphold here at Solar Flow. You can find the latest models of solar water heaters from Kinetico, Matahari, Summer solar water heater Malaysia, SolarMate, Monier, Pecol, and many more.

We’re everywhere --- well, almost.

Our team of solar heater Malaysia experts is easily accessible within your city or in areas nearest you. Need to install your next system in Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Johor, Seremban, Kedah, Penang, or Melaka? Get in touch with us on any day and find the best solar water heaters prices!

The Solar Flow Process

How does Solar Flow work?

Solar Flow is your trusted source of solar water heating systems as well as installation, maintenance, and repair solutions. Our service begins the moment you get in touch with us in your search for a solar water heater Malaysia.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right brands for your application. Whether you prefer a Matahari solar water heater Malaysia or are looking for a good Summer solar heater Malaysia price, we can be of assistance to you.

We’re committed to serving you wherever in Malaysia you’re located — Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Johor, Seremban, Kedah, Penang, and Melaka. Our reasonable solar water heaters prices give you the best value for every purchase, every single time.

How does a solar heater save on energy costs?

A solar water heater Malaysia is able to save on energy costs primarily because it derives its energy or power from the sun, which is free. A solar water heater, unlike electrical or gas-powered systems, harnesses solar power energy to deliver comfortably hot or warm water on demand. Without a reliance on electricity or fuel, a household or commercial space can easily save up on energy costs year after year.

How do I maintain my solar water heater Malaysia?

Once installed properly, a solar water system requires minimal maintenance, if any. This is assuming that the installed solar heating system is appropriate for your space and geographical location. Some of the best models are also designed for corrosion-resistance and outfitted with prime plumbing systems. This translates to relatively easy upkeep and efficient performance.

Regular maintenance checks and prompt repairs, especially from a trusted provider, can help keep your systems functioning at their best for a long, long time.

What qualities should I look for in a solar water heater supplier?

A solar water heater supplier will be responsible for your water heating system, from installation to upkeep and repairs. In choosing a solar heater Malaysia supplier, the following qualities are crucial:

  • Top-notch solar water heater brands
    From Matahari solar water heater Malaysia to Solarmate and Summer, there are more than a few brands of solar heating systems available in the market. A trusted supplier is one that represents only the best and most reliable brands of solar heating systems. With the quality and performance assurances of these top-notch manufacturers, you’re sure to get the best value on any day.
  • Solar water heating expertise
    Proper and successful installation is a crucial aspect in your use of solar water heating systems. Your supplier, more than carrying top-notch brands, must also be an expert with such systems. And this expertise can only come from years of exposure to, and experience in, the solar water heating systems market.
  • After-sales service
    Choosing and installing a solar heater Malaysia at home or in the office is just the first step. You may need to maintain your systems or repair them as necessary. Choose a supplier that offers excellent after-sales services, more than just first-rate brands. From upkeep to repairs, these services must be easily accessible and promptly available where and when needed.

How affordable are your solar water heater products and services?

At Solar Flow, we make sure our solar water heaters prices are as reasonable as possible. Our various brands and product models are priced differently, so you’re sure to find the solar water heating system that fits your budget.

Additionally, we offer competitive rates on each of our services, from installation and maintenance to repairs and replacement. Wish to make an inquiry on a SolarMate water heater Malaysia price and related services? Speak to us today.

What are the benefits of a solar water heater Malaysia installation?

The long-term benefits of a solar heating system are many, but these can be summarized into (1) energy-efficiency, (2) energy cost savings, and (3) convenience.

Most brands in the market have taken painstaking efforts at producing some of the best solar water heater models available today. For example, with its sturdy build and state-of-the-art features, a Summer solar water heater Malaysia has always been a popular choice with our past clients.

Other brands have corrosion-resistant models and can work even with minimal sun. This assures you of a water heater that can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years (or more!), bringing you significant energy savings for the long-term.

How do I choose the right solar heater Malaysia?

When it comes to making the best solar water heater choice, it pays for you to look into your unique heating requirements, type of application (residential or commercial, etc), existing budget, and preferred brand/s.

It’s good to read up on solar water heater Malaysia reviews online or offline, but the number of products and models in the market can be overwhelming for any buyer. So, how to choose a solar heater wisely and competently?

Talk to a solar water heating company you trust. Their vast background and professional experience often make them a good source of information as well as buying guidance. Solar Flow professionals can match you with the right brand or product model so you end up with one you can afford and really need.

Do you cater to home and business installations and repairs?

Yes, Solar Flow is a professional solar water heater Malaysia supplier for both home and commercial installations. Our services in Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Johor, Seremban, Kedah, Penang, and Melaka have reached the homes and business spaces of our diverse clients.

Looking for a Smart solar water heater Malaysia price you can well afford? Solar Flow can match you with the best Smart solar heater based on your needs, existing space, and budget concerns.

How much can I save in energy costs after installing solar heater?

It’s not surprising to get as much as 50% to 80% in energy savings once you have your solar water heater up and working. Solar water heaters prices (including installation) can be more expensive compared to your standard electrical or gas water heaters, but the long-term energy savings are almost always worth the initial expense and efforts.

Some models of Summer solar water heater Malaysia, for example, can provide a 10-year warranty to safeguard their customers from probable defects or malfunction.

Energy savings, nonetheless, are dependent on a number of factors including total hot water consumption, the actual performance of the installed system, and solar resources in the area, among others.

How do I get started with a Solar Flow enquiry or consultation?

It’s so easy — you can have your own solar water heater Malaysia installed and up-and-running in almost no time at all. Simply send us a message or call us so we can start discussing on the best water heating models for you, your home, or business.

Looking for an honest-to-goodness Summer solar water heater Malaysia review? We can go over the product models we currently have and discuss their merits with you.

The same goes for the rest of the brands we carry like Matahari, Solarmate, and others. Our solar water heater experts are waiting for you — call us today.

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