Aqua Solar Power Heater Malaysia

Aqua Solar Malaysia brings some of the most durable and efficient solar water heating systems to the market, with its L Series and ASTR Series models. The brand is known for its use of durable marine-grade stainless steel, corrosion-free copper, and aluminium for all its solar hot water heater models. Numerous copper risers ensure quick, efficient heating regardless of capacity requirements.

Aqua Solar Power Water Heater Distinct Features

  • Durable, high-resistance stainless steel
  • UV-ray resistance
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Simple replacement processes
  • PUF tank insulation
  • Improved heat retention
  • Non-welding technology
Aqua Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Aqua Solar Malaysia Benefits

The overall benefits in choosing an Aqua Solar water heater manufacturer are summarized into the following:

  • Built for residential and commercial purposes

Aqua Solar water heaters offer the flexibility of residential and commercial solar water heating systems through its L Series (Lite & Easy models) and ASTR Series (Titanium Rigid Solar Panel). Heat-optimal copper risers and collector fins ensure the maximum in heat conversion every single time.

  • As much as 85% to 95% solar heating efficiency

When you install any of the Aqua Solar water heaters, you are assured of the maximum in heating capacity and efficiency without skyrocketing fuel or electrical costs. Better heat retention and improved capacity make Aqua Solar water heating systems one of the most trusted in all of Malaysia.

  • Flexible solar heater capacities

Aqua Solar water heaters are built with varying tank capacities to suit the specific needs of homes and businesses. Whether you need 100L, 200L, or the 316L marine-grade steel tanks, Aqua Solar Malaysia satisfies various storage capacities without compromising on efficiency.

  • Eco-Responsible

Exceptional solar wave technology allows your home and business energy savings of as much as 70%. And because the solar power heaters are built to function under immense pressure, additional pumps are not a requirement. This results in quick, efficient water heating without the harmful environmental emissions of natural gas heaters.

Aqua Solar Water Heater Models

L SERIES (Lite & Easy)

Aqua Solar Water Heater Malaysia

L66 Aqua Solar

Aqua Solar Water Heater Malaysia

L80 Aqua Solar

ASTR SERIES (Titanium Rigid Solar Panel)

Aqua Solar Water Heater Malaysia


Aqua Solar Water Heater Malaysia


Aqua Solar Water Heater Malaysia


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