SolarMate Malaysia

Solarmate is a leader when it comes to providing reliable solar water heating systems to the Malaysian markets and beyond. Officially recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as a pioneer in the business, Solarmate Malaysia has been providing solar water heaters, solar power panels, and installation services since the 1980s.

SolarMate Sdn Bhd Features

  • Certified pioneer in the industry
  • Cutting-edge solar water heating solutions
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving
  • More than 30 years of market experience
  • Globally trusted brand in solar water heating and tanks
  • Ideal for residential and commercial installations
SolarMate Malaysia

Solar Mate Benefits

Some of the benefits of a Solarmate Malaysia water heater installation are:

  • Manufacturing and market experience of over 30 years

Solarmate Sdn Bhd has been recognized as a pioneering force in the solar water heating market by the Malaysian Book of Records. First established in the 1980s, Solar mate continues to forge on through the development and manufacture of innovative solar water heaters.

  • Availability in Malaysia and overseas

Although established in Malaysia, Solarmate is also being distributed in other countries, including Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, and more. This Malaysian brand’s global presence is a testament to their quality, innovation and reliability.

  • State-of-the-art solar water heating solutions

Although initial costs may fetch a considerable Solarmate water heater price, what you get in return is an innovative solar water heater that can offer you an excellent return on investment. The Solarmate Classic Series offers 100% rust-resistant and eco-friendly panels and parts, while the Sapphire Series is built to function optimally even on rainy days.

  • Product flexibility across applications

With products available for residential functions and commercial installations, it won’t be difficult to find the Solarmate Malaysia solar water heater ideal for you. Available in varied tank capacities and a host of innovative features, Solarmate solar water heater models are designed to cater to various specifications and applications.

Solarmate Malaysia Solar Water Heater Models

SOLARMATE Sapphire Series

SOLARMATE Classic Series

SOLARMATE Sapphire Series

SOLARMATE Sapphire Series

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