Summer Solar Heater Malaysia

Summer solar water heaters utilize an efficient solar thermal system that converts solar power into energy for quick and consistent water heating. As a brand, Summer is well-known all over Malaysia and the rest of the world for their smart water heating systems and heavy-duty storage tanks. When you invest in the Summer brand, you are entrusting your home to a Malaysia solar heater expert that has been in business for over 30 years

Summer Solar Heater Malaysia Features

  • 100% copper riser tubes
  • Corrosion-proof stainless steel tanks
  • Polyurethane foam coating and insulation
  • Heavy-duty low-iron tempered glass panel
  • National and international certifications
  • Recipient of the “Product Excellence Award” in Malaysia
Summer Solar Water Heater

Summer Solar Heater Benefits

  • Performance heating and maximum heat absorption

A Summer solar water heater works through reflective solar panels made using 100% copper plates. With sufficient thickness, the panels are sturdy enough to protect itself from hail damage. Not only does this maximize solar energy absorption; it also encourages better efficiency specifically through its titanium blue coating.

  • Eco-friendly construction and recyclable parts

In addition to harnessing the sun as a renewable power source, a Summer solar heater in Malaysia also comes with recyclable components, such as its aluminium enclosure. The PU foam insulation of this solar water heater is also completely CFC-free.

  • Solar water heating systems built to last

Known for an industry presence spanning more than 30 years, Summer is a pioneer brand when it comes to solar water heating in Malaysia. With heaters designed to last more than 20 years, the Summer solar water heater price you pay for is an investment for many years to come.

  • Awards and certifications

A Summer solar heater in Malaysia is a recipient of the Product Excellence Award. A truly global brand, Summer solar water heaters are distributed in more or less 20 countries worldwide.

Summer Solar Water Heater Malaysia Models

Summer Solar Water Heater


Summer Solar Water Heater


Summer Solar Water Heater


Summer Solar Water Heater


Summer Solar Water Heater


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Why continue spending for natural gas heaters or electrical water heating systems when you can always go solar?

With a Summer solar water heater, you get the advantages of a fast and consistent water heating system without the environmental hazards of non-renewable energy sources.

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