Take advantage of the best hot water systems uniquely designed to provide your space with clean and hot water on demand. Smart Solar is a premier brand of solar hot water system that offers innovative and cost-efficient technologies for residential and commercial solar heating system.

Premier Features & Specs

  • High-efficiency solar heating system
  • Smart Temperature Controller Technology
  • Active Tank Protection
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • Clean potable water on demand
  • Leak-proof system and equipment

Smart Solar Malaysia Advantages & Benefits

  • Optimal Heating System

Get your fill of hot water all year round with Smart Solar. This system uses the Evacuated Tube System technology that specializes in the “Thermos Effect”. Which means that users can have access to hot or warm water in any climate or weather. It also has high heat retain capacity to maintain the temperature of your tank water to your desired heat level.

  • Marine-grade Stainless Steel

Smart Solar uses 316L stainless steel material that can withstand harsh environments, extreme weather conditions and can last up to 15 years. It also uses Magnesium Rod to protect the structure from corrosion and increase the lifespan of the tank. With proper care and maintenance, users will be able to maximize their solar heating system for long periods with minimal upkeep.

  • Smart Monitoring & Control

Smart Solar Malaysia integrates innovative and interactive technology to help users monitor and control their solar heating system with ease. Every system is installed with LCD unit that displays the system’s current temperature and a control program that schedules and sets the preheat temperature if below the set point.

  • Safe potable water

The closed loop system ensures that the water maintained in the tank will not pass through the solar collector to maintain its purity and cleanliness when used on demand.

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