HeatFirst Malaysia

HeatFirst Malaysia offers some of the most advanced and efficient heat pumps in the market. Designed for residential and commercial purposes, the HeatFirst heat pump caters to a variety of capacities to ensure quick and efficient water heating results. Its weatherproof construction makes installation a breeze anywhere. And with its quiet compressor system, HeatFirst Malaysia heat pumps operate without needless noise and vibration.

HeatFirst Malaysia Distinct Features

  • Top-grade 100% stainless steel housing
  • Corrosion-protected impeller/pumps
  • Weather-resistant overall design
  • Proficient heating capabilities
  • Use of environmentally-responsible refrigerant
  • Minimal HeatFirst heat pump noise and vibration
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By trusting in a HeatFirst Malaysia heat pump manufacturer, you get the following benefits:

  • Humidity-to-heat transfer technology

HeatFirst heat pumps generate heat from environmental humidity and convert this into heating systems built for residential or business use. The emission of cold air, which is a result of this unique heat conversion and transmission, can be redirected into certain areas that need efficient energy-saving cooling.

  • Solid, corrosion-resistant design and build

HeatFirst Malaysia heat pumps are built to withstand the external elements of wind, sun, and rain, especially with its weather-resistant design. Stainless steel casings render the heat pump protected from eventual corrosion and external damage.

  • Optimal efficiency and quiet operation

Say goodbye to noisy heat pumps that sacrifice auditory comfort for heating efficiency. A built-in isolating motor and a scroll compressor technology both ensure that the heat pump works at minimal noise and at low vibration.

  • Eco-friendly refrigerants

HeatFirst Malaysia upholds their responsibility to the environment by using only the R134a refrigerant which has earned the seal of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Matahari Solar Heater Models


  • HRM-200L
  • HRM- 250L
  • HRM-300L


  • MP-200G
  • MP-500G
  • MP-800G
  • MP-1250G
  • MP-2000G
  • MP-300G
  • MP-600G
  • MP-900G
  • MP-1500G
  • MP-400G
  • MP-700G
  • MP-1000G
  • MP-1750G

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