Meru Electric Storage Heater Malaysia

Meru is a global brand of electric water heating systems including heat pump hybrids and solar water heaters, catering to homes and businesses across countries — Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, and more. The Meru electric storage water heater retains heat effectively through its non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation. With its compact design, this storage heater is easy to install and accessible for adjustments and customization at any time.

Meru Electric Storage Heater Features

  • Flexible storage capacities
  • Customizable electric storage heaters
  • Availability of green products/models
  • Investment returns on Meru water heater price
  • Accredited in Australia and Europe
Meru water heater

Meru Electric Storage Heater Benefits

With a Meru electric storage heater, and other solar water heating systems, you get the following benefits:

  • 30+ years of experience

Meru has been operating in Malaysia for more than thirty years, providing residences and business facilities with efficient water heating technologies. The brand is one of the leading names in solar hot water system products. Combining longevity and experience, Meru is clearly one of the top names in the water heater industry.

  • European and Australian standards accreditation

As a global name, Meru lives up to its reputation through its accreditation with European and Australian quality standards and policies. When you use a Meru electric storage heater, you know you’re using a product trusted the world over.

  • Wide global market

Homes and business across Asia and Australia have already installed one or several of Meru’s electric storage heaters within their properties. Take advantage of custom electric storage heaters and solar water heaters wherever in these continents you may be.

  • Hybrid options for improved energy efficiency

More than just electric storage heaters, Meru also offers solar water heating and hybrid heat pump systems for better efficiency and a wider array of eco-friendly options. No matter what the Meru water heater price, your investment will pay off within a few years.

Meru Solar Heater Models


  • MP – 15
  • MP – 25
  • MP – 38
  • MP – 55
  • MP – 75
  • MP – 50
  • MP – 115
  • MP – 125
  • MP – 200
  • MP – 300
  • MP -450
  • MP – 600
  • MP – 800
  • MP – 1000


  • MP -115
  • MP – 125
  • MP – 200
  • MP – 300
  • MP – 450
  • MP – 600
  • MP – 800

Planning to Install a Meru Electric Storage Heater?

The Meru electric storage heater brand brings quality, global appeal, and ecological focus into each of their heater models.

If you’re looking for a Meru electric storage water heater for your own home or business, talk to us at Solar Flow. We can also give you a good Meru water heater price on your investment.

Be assured of efficient water heating and energy savings in one. Invest in a Meru electric storage heater today.

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