One of the most common and important applications for a solar hot water system in Malaysia is the home.

Many households rely on hot water for a number of uses — cooking, bathing, laundry, washing, general household cleaning, and many others.

If you have plans to improve your energy savings at home and help the environment in the process, investing in a solar panel water heater for household use should be your priority.

Choosing a Trusted Residential Solar Heater System

Various brands of Malaysia solar heaters are available for both residential and commercial uses.

If you must buy a solar water heater for your home, here are a few things you need to remember:

  • House location/ atmospheric temperature.

Studies have indicated that Malaysia has a high solar energy potential, making it a favorable location for solar heating panels and solar water heater systems. Solar power heaters are already being used across Penang, Melaka, Petaling Jaya, and many other cities and locations.

Despite this, consulting with a trusted supplier prior to choosing a specific brand or product is recommended. Property location, among other considerations, is often an important factor in the choice of a solar water heater for house.

  • Active or passive systems.

Two types of solar water heating systems are active systems and passive systems. Depending on the size of your household or heating requirements, you may be better off choosing either an active or passive system for your home.

  • Proper estimates.

For some Malaysian households, a solar powered water heater may be considered expensive. But while there is a need to invest for the initial cost and installation, the benefits of solar powered water heating often outweigh its initial expense.  To make sure you don’t overspend on your system, get your estimates from a trusted supplier. This will also help you look into possible hidden costs prior to purchase or installation.

For Solar Water Heater for House Needs, Talk to Us at Solar Flow

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At Solar Flow, we make sure that you are matched with the brands or the manufacturer best for you. More than this, we provide installation, repair, and maintenance services on your solar hot water system.

Take full advantage of the sun while helping the environment and your savings pocket. Partner with Solar Flow for your water heating needs.