Solarwave Malaysia

Solarwave Malaysia brings you research-backed and innovative solar water heating solutions using a highly-efficient heat-transfer system that guarantees clean, hot water where and when you need it. With features such as tubular solar collectors, non-pressurised water storage, and an Inner Copper Coil design, the Solarwave water heater goes beyond ordinary solar water heating technology in Malaysia or abroad.

Solarwave Water Heater Features

  • Inner Copper Coil technology
  • Tubular shape collectors
  • Stainless steel tank with PU foam insulation
  • Heat transfer mechanism
  • Quality assurance with up to 10-year warranty
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Solar wave Water Heater Malaysia Benefits

Some of the premium benefits in installing a Solarwave water heater are:

  • Effective heat loss prevention

A Solar wave water heater in Malaysia utilizes inner copper coils to effectively preserve heat absorbed from the sun. As water is channeled out through these coils, and not from the storage tank, you get steady and consistently hot water every single time.

  • Higher solar absorption

The tubular design of a Solarwave water heater’s collectors guarantees fast and steady solar power absorption throughout the day. Regardless of installation location or the sun’s position at any time, you get hot water consistently in your house, office, or commercial facility.

  • Premium-grade storage tank

A Solar wave water heater in Malaysia is known for its tough-wearing storage tank built to cater to high operating pressure and varied capacities. Aluminium coating and finishing protects the tank from rust and other damaging elements.

  • Non-compromising solar water heating quality

Solarwave Malaysia offers a 2-year guarantee on their system and as much as a 10-year guarantee on their stainless steel storage tank.

  • Eco-friendly, cost-efficient heating

Now you don’t have to rely on expensive electricity sources just to have comfortably warmed or hot water in your home or the office. A Solarwave water heater effectively reduces heating energy costs without hurting the environment.

Solarwave Malaysia Models

SW SERIES – The Heat Pipe System

SW SERIES – The Heat Pipe System

S SERIES – The Evacuated Tube System

S SERIES – The Evacuated Tube System

Install Your Own Solarwave Malaysia Heaters Today

Don’t let the rising costs of electricity or gas force you to compromise on residential or commercial water heating comfort.

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