Polo Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Polo solar heating solutions harness the sun’s natural energy to power an efficient water heating system that provides steady access to hot water. It comes with galvanized inner and outer tanks and powder-coated frames that lend a distinct look to the overall heating system construction. Factoring in costs of installation and other expenses, a Polo solar powered water heater ensures investment returns in as little as two to three years.

Polo Solar Power Heater Distinct Features

  • Galvanized inner and outer tanks
  • Supplemental electric boost
  • Flexible capacities
  • Significant energy savings
  • Round-the-clock hot water supply
  • Minimal maintenance needed
Meru water heater

Polo Solar Water Heater Benefits

When you buy a Polo Solar Water Heater, you can expect the following long-term benefits:

  • Solar powered-heating with electric backup

To guarantee steady access to hot water anywhere in the house or a commercial facility, a Polo Malaysia solar heater is outfitted with an electrical supplemental boost. Even on sunless days, enjoy the comfort of hot water right where you need it most.

  • Investment turnout in as few as 2 years-

With other types of solar water heating systems, it can take while before you start seeing returns on your initial investment. With a Polo solar water heater, you can enjoy your ROI in as short as two or three years.

  • Wide and varied capacity range

No matter what the capacity range you desire on your Polo solar water heating system in Malaysia, the company has the right products for you. The brand offers 100L-capacity heaters good for 3 to 4 individuals up to 300L for as many as 10 users.

  • After-sales service

The company offers readily-available after-sales service even after a successful Polo solar water heater installation. The durable construction of a Polo solar water heater, nonetheless, ensures a one-time only maintenance routine following installation.

Pecol Solar Heater Malaysia Products

polo plus solar pro

Solar 100 Liter

polo plus solar pro

Solar 150 Liter

polo plus solar pro

Solar 200 Liter

polo plus solar pro

Solar 300 Liter

Planning to Install Polo Solar Water in Malaysia? Solar Flow Can Help

Polo solar water heaters can help you reduce energy expenses, renew sustainable solar energy, and respect the environment by doing away with harmful gas emissions.

If you’re planning to have a Polo solar water heating system installed in your home or business, talk to us at Solar Flow.

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