Whether you’re a home owner or business operator in Malaysia, you may have encountered the term “solar thermal” in your quest for a trustworthy solar water heating system.

But what does solar thermal actually mean?

Solar thermal technologies harness the sun’s energy to produce electricity and transmit this energy as space heating or as heated water. With solar thermal energy sources, heat is usually generated indirectly. It primarily differs from PV technologies or photovoltaic solar panels which processes directly the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar Thermal Benefits

Presently, there are various solar heater brands and solar water heating system suppliers that offer an array of solar power heater models. The wide availability of these brands, from SolarMate and Solarwave to Matahari and Monier, can only mean that the popularity of solar thermal technologies is on the rise.

Some of the benefits of solar thermal systems are the following:

  • Reduced to no fuel expenses
  • Power stability and security
  • Renewable energy source
  • Emissions-free
  • Improved property value

Regardless of the purpose of your solar water heater system, your home or business facility in Malaysia can reap its many advantages.

You are not only effectively reducing your energy expenses through solar power; you are doing the environment a huge favor, too!

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