Unlike a gas-fueled water heater, an electric water heater utilizes electricity to heat water in a receptacle or through a pipe. As the heated water rises, it also moves through the pipe or pumped out of storage.

Since this type of heating doesn’t utilize coal or natural gas, it doesn’t release toxic air into the environment. An electric water heater may depend entirely on the electricity grid for its power, or it may obtain a significant part of its energy from a solar water heating system.

Why Go for an Electric Water Heater in Malaysia?

Compared to gas water heating sources, what are some of the distinct advantages in using an electric water heater?

First, cost-efficiency. While it may seem that the operating cost of an electric water heating system is higher than gas-powered heaters, it is also worth factoring in the overall heating efficiency of electric water heaters. When your home or business has an efficient electric heating system in place, you end up spending less while getting more.

Electric water heaters are also generally safer. With the absence of combustible vapors or toxic air emitted into the immediate environment, the flammability risks are significantly reduced or eliminated. This also results in better air quality indoors.

And with a solar power boost an electric water heater can be sustainable, significantly less expensive, and environmentally-friendly.

Electric Water Heater

Need Help in Choosing an Electric Water Heater?

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