Matahari Solar Heater Malaysia

Matahari manufactures and delivers some of the most efficient solar power water heaters in Malaysia. Known for its premium-grade solar water heater design and highly efficient heat transmissions, this solar heater is ideal for home and commercial use. A built-in option for electrical boost ensures that you get sufficient water heating even on sunless days. Invest in any of the Matahari solar heaters and take advantage of the sun’s free energy at any time.

Matahari Solar Heater Distinct Features

  • Non-CFC thermal insulation
  • With electrical boost
  • Efficient solar radiation conveyance
  • Basic to no maintenance required (no moving parts)
  • Lightweight but top-grade aluminium casing
  • Numerous copper risers
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Matahari Solar Heater Benefits

  • Top-grade external and interior design

Each Matahari solar heater comes in heavy-duty stainless steel cladding. It also features heat-efficient absorber panels constructed from high-quality aluminium. To maximize water heating output, numerous copper riser tubes are installed in this solar water heater system.

  • Efficient and optimal heat transfer

The need for solar panels to maximize energy absorption from the sun is paramount for solar water heaters. The Matahari solar heater fulfills this and more. Its tempered glass allows for optimal solar wave absorption and conveyance without fail.

  • Lightweight but tough casing

With its durable casing, constructed from durable marine-grade aluminium, the Matahari solar heater is built to withstand damage and weather elements. Nonetheless, the entire solar water heating system is lightweight enough for easy transportation and installation at home or the office.

  • Supplemental electrical boost

If you’re worried about this solar hot water heater not absorbing enough of the sun’s precious energy source on gloomy days, fret not. With the Matahari solar heater’s electrical boost, hot water is assured at any time of the day, week, or month.

Matahari Solar Heater Models

Matahari Solar Heater Malaysia

Model 300 MX

Matahari Solar Heater Malaysia

Model 180 MX

Get Your Own Matahari Solar Heater from Solar Flow

The Matahari solar heater in Malaysia allows you to enjoy an efficient water heating system without the expensive electricity costs.

Why go for gas or electrical heaters when you can save more with a solar water heater?

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