Solar water heaters have come a long way since water drums were placed outdoors to absorb the sun’s energy, and hot water is directly channeled into the pipe system of a home or commercial building.

Today, a solar power heater comes equipped with an efficient system necessary in harnessing the sun’s energy into heating sufficient amounts of water, even on days when the sun’s heat isn’t at its peak.

Specifically, however, how does a solar water heater work? Prior to choosing a solar water heater Malaysia supplier or reading up on solar water heater Malaysia reviews, it helps to understand first the mechanism behind some of the most efficient solar water heating systems in the market.

Solar Water Heater Setup

Two of the most important and common components of a solar water heater are the collector and storage tank. A basic solar collector system typically comes installed with a glazing, an absorber plate, and water flow tubes or passages. The main purpose of the collector is to transform the sun’s energy into heat. Once heated, the water is stored in a tank until such time that it is pumped or moves through gravity into the water pipes of a home or building.

Solar Water Heating Installation

Beyond asking, “how does a solar water heater work?” another popular query for most residents or business owners is this: how difficult is it to install solar power heating?

Given the experience and technology necessary to install a solar water heating system successfully, this task is best left to experienced professionals. After all, warm water is one of the most important commodities to have in your home or business. The last thing you would want is for heating problems to occur due to improper installation or lack of maintenance.

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