Here at Solar Flow, we carry Malaysia solar heaters ideal for residential and commercial installations of varied capacities and heating requirements. If you’re looking for the best solar water heater in Malaysia, Solar Flow is your trusted ally.

To get to know more about our solar water heater brands, we have listed them here along with a short description of each. Feel free to read this Malaysia solar hot water heater review prior to making your solar water heater brand choice.

Aqua Solar Powered Water Heater Malaysia

The Aqua Solar water heater brand is known for reliable solar power heating systems that deliver efficient and environment-friendly results. Aqua Solar Malaysia guarantees power solar water heating products that require little to no maintenance after installation.

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Kinetico Malaysia

Kinetico Water System Malaysia offers exceptional water filtration and water softening solutions using a fully automatic set-up without the need for electricity. Not only does Kinetico Water System Malaysia provide quality water filtration, it also smartly monitors water usage to maintain optimum levels of clean, filtered water in the home or office.

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Matahari Solar Heater Malaysia

Matahari solar heaters feature durable solar water heating construction, weather-proof casings, and eco-friendly water heating systems ideal for a variety of applications, from homes and hotels to hospitals and luxury resorts. Matahari is also well-known for their attentive technical support after installation.

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Meru Electric Storage Heater Malaysia

With more than 30 years of experience in the solar water heating business, Meru is a brand that is synonymous to quality, reliability, and consistency. A Meru electric storage heater comes in various capacities, perfect for homes and commercial installations. With a Meru electric storage water heater, you also get hybrid systems ideal for your unique requirements.

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Monier Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Monier solar water heaters are created out of the need for eco-responsible and innovative solar water heating solutions in Malaysia as well as in overseas markets. The Monier brand has been committed to the design and delivery of solar water heaters for more than 50 years.

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Mysolar Malaysia

Mysolar Malaysia is a producer of high-quality, safe, and efficient solar water heaters. More than the manufacture of premium-grade solar water heating systems, My Solar Malaysia also continuously develops new solutions and improvises on existing systems in order to bring the best MySolar water heaters in the market.

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SolarMate Malaysia

Solarmate thrives on their commitment to providing some of the most reliable solar water heaters in Malaysia and in other countries. Since its establishment in 1983, SolarMate has consistently developed durable and advance solar water heating solutions for homes, businesses, offices, and others.

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Pecol Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Pecol solar heater Malaysia is known for an expansive range of eco-friendly water heating systems, including hybrid solar water heaters, hybrid tanks, commercial heat pumps, electric water heaters, and others. The Pecol brand prides itself on its ability to maximize solar power absorption and quick heating transmission every single time.

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Polo Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Polo solar water heaters provide 100% energy-saving solar water heating systems using advanced solar technologies. More than solar power reliance, a Polo solar hot water heater also features an electrical boost function. This ensures consistent and efficient hot water availability at all times.

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SolarTech Malaysia

The name SolarTech is widely known for product quality, experience, and innovation. It has spawned other well-known brands in the solar water heating and water filtration industries, including SUMMER, HeatFirst, Meru, and Kinetico. With a three-decade experience in the industry, Solartech Malaysia is clearly one of the leaders in the business.

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Solarwave Malaysia

First introduced to the Malaysian market in 2008, Solarwave water heaters are designed to maximize solar absorption and optimize heat preservation. With their systems having the ability to preserve heat for as long as 65 to 70 hours, hot water can be maintained even on sunless days.

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Summer Solar Heater Malaysia

Malaysia-manufactured and developed, Summer solar heaters can be found in various homes and buildings in no fewer than twenty countries globally. Not only is a Summer solar water heater in Malaysia nationally certified and internationally renowned, it is also the recipient of a Product Excellence Award in Malaysia.

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