Mysolar Malaysia

My Solar caters to the diverse solar water heating needs of Malaysia, serving homeowners and business operators alike. The solar water heaters of My Solar Malaysia are fitted with lightweight but tough casing exteriors and expansive collector panels to maximize solar power absorption. Install one of these Mysolar water heaters in your home and office and take advantage of long-term energy savings without hurting the environment.

My Solar Malaysia Distinct Features

  • Stucco aluminum encasement
  • Tough but lightweight aluminium casing
  • Rust-proof materials
  • Corrosion-resistant Japanese technology
  • Supplemental electrical heater

Mysolar Malaysia Benefits

Regardless of the model you choose for your Mysolar Malaysia heater, you get the following benefits:

  • Design that’s built to last

With a My Solar water heater, you get both safety and durability in one package. A durable outer casing, PU foam, and weather-resistant aluminium come together to lend superior construction to this solar power heater. Although repair services are available, these water heaters are virtually maintenance-free.

  • Availability of before-sales and after-sales services

From installation to periodic maintenance, there’s no need to worry when using any of the solar power heaters from My Solar Malaysia. The manufacturer is known for their pre-sales services and after-sales attention.

  • Efficient heating and hot water capacity

Heat retention is assured through the heater’s PU foam, copious copper riser tubes, and collector fins made from copper or aluminium. And on days when the sun is not at its most optimal, the Mysolar Malaysia water heater comes with supplemental electric heating as well.

  • Safe, secure, and eco-responsible

Mysolar water heaters are eco-friendly, rustproof, cost-efficient, and outfitted using Australian technology. With a solar water heating system, you can say goodbye to risky electrical heaters which may cause problems during rainy days.

Mysolar Water Heater Models

Monier Solar Water Heater Malaysia


Mysolar Malaysia


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Enjoy the free solar energy of the sun while getting access to hot water 24/7 with the Mysolar water heater. Why go for expensive gas and electrical heaters when you clearly have a better choice?

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