Monier Solar Water Heater Malaysia

With a more than 50-year presence in the water heating industry, Monier is a top-name brand in Malaysia and beyond. A Monier solar water heater is synonymous to exceptional durability, smart design, and sustainable efficiency. With features such as marine-grade stainless steel, PU foam, and automated welding, what you have is a solar water heater that looks beautiful on the outside and ensures quick and reliable heating on the inside.

Monier Solar Water Heater Features

  • Up to 15% electricity savings
  • Leak-resistant roof water heating
  • Up to 50 years of experience
  • Research-supported technologies
  • Centralised and efficient heating
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Benefits of Monier Solar Water Heater Malaysia

A few of the advantages in choosing a Monier solar heater are:

  • Flexible solar water heating systems

Monier understands the need for constant and ready access to hot water at home. However, a solar water heater may not always have instant access to the sun. A Monier solar water heating system prepares for this by effectively storing hot water and allowing connectivity to supplemental energy sources.

  • Technology and aesthetics in one

While a Monier solar water heater offers impressive technological features, it also comes in a visually impressive design. The solar power heater system blends effortlessly into your existing home roofing and can be installed conveniently either above or under a roof system.

  • Sustainable water heating solutions

Sustainability is a focus of all Monier solar water heating solutions. Apart from using leak proof systems and using full solar energy from the natural sun, it also comes in a centralised system that distributes hot water to needful areas within a home.

  • Family-safe and eco-friendly

With its non-reliance on electricity, you are only harnessing the energy of the sun. This effectively cuts down your energy expenses and minimizes your carbon footprint in the environment. The non-reliance on electricity also keeps your family safe from potential electrical shock during the rainy season.

Available Products/Models

Monier Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Monier SOLARROOF System

Monier Solar Water Heater Malaysia

Monier Solar Water Heating Roof

Translucent Tile Brasil

Monier Toplight

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