Water heating is a necessity not just for residential purposes but also for businesses and commercial facilities.

If your commercial property is not yet investing on a commercial solar water heater in Malaysia, perhaps now is the best time to do it.

Due to its favorable atmospheric temperature and availability of sunny days per year, Malaysia is considered a prime location for harnessing sufficient and stable solar power. And with businesses — across various industries — requiring heated water on a regular basis, going solar is a good way to save on energy costs while mitigating environmental emissions.

Why Go for Commercial Solar Water Heater in Malaysia?

There are good reasons for investing in a reliable commercial solar hot water system within the country:

  • Cost-efficiency

Say goodbye to high energy or electricity costs. Once your commercial solar water heater is in place, you and your consumers will have steady access to hot water without necessarily weighing down on operational costs.

  • Clean energy

An increasing number of consumers are consciously choosing which businesses or brands to place their trust in. One of these considerations is the company’s efforts at going green. By investing in a solar heater in Malaysia, you’re reducing energy costs, helping the environment, and making a statement within your chosen industry.

  • Solid investment

Case studies have shown that a solar heater system can pay its initial investment cost within a few years, while providing free solar energy benefits for as long as thirty years with proper maintenance.


Whether you need a solar power heater in Malaysia or a hybrid solar hot water system, the right supplier can help choose the best brand for you.

Questions to Ask a Solar Water Heater Supplier or Contractor

Some important questions to ask prior to hiring a solar water heating system supplier are:

  1. Do you offer installation or maintenance services?

Proper installation is just as important as choosing the right brand. Various solar heater types also require a specific kind of expertise. Opt for a company that can maintain, install, and repair your commercial solar water heater in Malaysia.

  1. Which kinds of solar water heater brands do you offer?

A reputable company will partner with equally reputable, trusted solar power water heater brands. Depending on your commercial specifications and business requirements, you may require hybrid systems or solar thermal technologies. Take time to go through the supplier’s brands before transacting with them.

  1. Does your company have the proper certifications or licenses?

License and certifications often mean professionalism and adherence to quality control and safety standards. As a commercial business operator, you owe it to your clients to trust only on a reputable and certified supplier of solar water heating systems.

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Your business will significantly benefit from a well-placed commercial solar water heater as it effectively minimizes energy costs and ensures a steady stream of clean, hot water at any time.

Solar power can help your company move forward in the right direction.

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