With the growing preference for solar water heaters by home owners and business operators in Malaysia, there is also an amplified interest in hybrid solar hot water systems.

By its very name, a hybrid solar hot water system relies on a combination of systems or technologies as means to boost or ensure optimal heat-sustaining efficiency. The solar water heater may source its power from solar panels, a natural gas back up, or through micro-grid inverters. An electric water heater may also derive power from solar wave sources, making it a hybrid system.

An example of a hybrid solar hot water system is a technology that combines the installation of solar PV panels on the roof of a home or building and the setting up of a solar hot water heater directly underneath it.

Oftentimes, this hybrid technology is put up as a way to address the excessive heat being absorbed by the panels. Too much heat absorption can potentially damage the panels over a period of time. Diverting heat into the water system can effectively manage excessive heat absorption and prevent solar panel failures.

Why a Good Choice?

Whether you install a hybrid system from scratch or put up one as a complement to an existing solar water heating system, this technology comes with its share of benefits.

  • Energy self-sufficiency

Since a hybrid solar heating system does not rely on a single heating source, it ensures energy independence wherever you may be located. By generating energy from the sun and sustaining this through sufficient backup, power failures and blackouts need not be a problem for you.

  • Cost reduction

Despite initial installation costs, the use of a hybrid solar heating technology can be more cost-effective over the years. When you choose reputable solar water heaters in Malaysia, moreover, you can significantly cut down on costs without sacrificing water heating efficiency.

  • Environmental benefits

With a solar water heater in place, you are using up a type of resource that is sustainable and renewable: the sun’s energy. Although its hybrid nature may point to a fuel backup, you are still significantly cutting back on your regular fuel consumption — the effects of which can be risky to the environment.

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