Kinetico Water System Malaysia

Kinetico Malaysia provides advanced water heating filtration systems to homes and commercial establishments across the country. The system utilizes the water’s kinetic force as means to operate its systems, thus eliminating the need for costly electrical sources. The MACH water filters from Kinetico Malaysia also comes with a host of beneficial features such as the Metered Rinse, which effectively monitors water levels to begin filtration. Kinetico can supplement your existing solar water heating system at home or in the office.

Kinetico Malaysia Distinct Features

  • Non-electric, automatic water filtration system
  • Smart water usage monitoring technology
  • Expansible but without the bulk
  • Anti-contamination systems
  • 10-year warranty
Kinetico Malaysia

Kinetico Malaysia Water System Benefits

  • Exceptional design, build, and technology

Kinetico Malaysia water heat pump systems are built to work efficiently even after long years of repetitive use. All of the parts of the Kinetico system have a 10-year warranty seal, from its solid tank to its top-grade valves.

  • Electricity-independent water filtration

Using their original patented technology, Kinetico derives its power from the kinetic energy flow of water. This means that the filtration relies on natural sources and not electricity. Finally, no worries even with electrical outages and blackouts!

  • Round-the-clock performance

Kinetico Malaysia gives you exceptional value for its price. With 24/7 availability of clean, filtered water at home, you and your family will never have to worry about drinking contaminated water ever again.

  • Kinetico Malaysia water monitoring

With its smart water monitoring technology, this water filter knows exactly when to work according to present flow or water use. Kinetico water filters deliver clean potable water exactly when you need it.

Kinetico Water System Products

Macrolite - Kinetico Water System Malaysia


Kinetico Water System Malaysia

MACH 2060f

Kinetico Water System Malaysia

MACH 2100f

kinetico series


Kinetico Water System Malaysia


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