Depending on your solar hot water heater preferences, working budget, and supplier availability in Malaysia, you can pick from various solar heater types available in the market today.

A solar water heater Malaysia supplier can offer you these typical solar heater types: flat plate collector, evacuated tube collector, and heat pump systems.

Flat Plate Collector

This type of solar water heater comes with a flat plate collector, wherein a large heat absorbent plate is installed on the roof or flat surface. This is done to harness the sun’s energy and to heat the thermal fluid running through the riser pipes or tubes attached to the absorber plate.

Although there are two other solar heater types, the flat plate collector variety is popular for many reasons. Because it comes in a simple solar heater design, it is often easy to install and may not be as expensive as other solar heater types or brands.

Evacuated Tube Collector

Another type of solar water heater in Malaysia is one which comes with evacuated tube collectors. These cylindrical tube collectors are installed by rows, attached to a header pipe, and held together within a single frame. The round shape of the individual tubes allow for maximum heating efficiency, regardless of the sun’s position at any time of the day.

Compared to solar heater types that use flat plate collectors, a solar hot water system that utilizes evacuated tube collectors can be challenging to install. If possible, home and business owners should go for a trusted manufacturer and rely only on a dependable supplier or company operating within Malaysia.

Heat Pump Systems

Finally, there are solar heater types that utilize heat pump systems instead of flat heat absorber panels or cylindrical evacuated tubes. A heat pump system works by transmitting heat found in the ambient air into water stored in tanks. This effectively heats the water within a home or building for a variety of uses later on. To ensure that the heat pump system runs at full efficiency every single time, proper installation and maintenance are a must.

Whether you’re planning to install a solar powered water heater for your house, a building facility, or office, these solar heater types help you find the product or brand according to your unique specification.

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